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Paws For Love Testing

Paws for Love is a pet visitation program run by the SPCA Serving Erie County. Pets and their handlers visit those in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, etc., who could benefit from the loving touch (or kiss!) from a visiting animal. Animals of all types are welcome to apply for the program although the majority of pets participating in the program are dogs and cats.

All animals and handlers who apply must first pass an evaluation aimed at determining if you and your animal are comfortable in situations you may encounter while on a visit. These evaluations help ensure the safety of you, your pet and those people you will encounter while visiting a facility.

All animals participating in the program are required to be in good health, be up to date on all species-specific vaccinations and free of all parasites including fleas.

Please visit the SPCA Serving Erie County's website to learn more:

For more information on this program or to get a registration form and schedule an evaluation for your animal, please contact Debbie Braun (volunteer co-coordinator) at 716-681-0744 or contact us and we will forward your email.


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