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Behavior Evaluations

Choosing a behavior consultant when you are confronted with a pet behavior problem s a crucial decision. Purrfect Paws provides cutting-edge, scientifically sound and humane behavior modification plans that work.

Behavior problems are the number one reason for euthanasia and surrender of family pets in the United States. Most often, these problems result from the communication gap that exists between the pets and humans in the household.

After all - having two or more species living together can be like having two vastly different cultures, with different rules of interaction and languages, trying to communicate.

Purrfect Paws Animal Behavior Center, LLC has experienced behavior specialists that can help you bridge that communication gap and learn how to safely modify your pet's behavior so that everyone can live in a safe and peaceful environment while building positive and permanent relationships between the pets and humans in the household. No matter what the pet or problem, we can help!

Our Behavior Evaluations Include:

  • An interview session during which we take a thorough history about your pet and the development of the problem behavior(s).

  • Evaluation of your pet’s temperament and behavior(s) through interacting with your pet.

  • Explanation of the problem behavior(s) to help you understand your pet’s behavior(s) from their perspective.

  • Design a unique behavior modification program to modify or eliminate the problem behavior(s).

  • Determine appropriate follow-up visits to make sure you and your dog are making progress toward your goals.

  • Behavior Evaluations generally take two hours in length. Make sure you have at least two hours to devote to the initial session.

    • The initial evaluation fee with Miranda K. Workman,CPDT-KA is dependent on each individual case. No two cases are alike and therefore fees vary. This will be discussed with you.

  • Follow-up Support provided including customized training packages when required.

  • We specialize in aggression, elimination disorders and inter-animal relationships - including multi-species households.

  • Aggression cases are required to schedule a minimum of one follow up visit.

  • Mileage may be included if you live more than 15 miles from our training facility.

To view our complete list of services offered, please click here.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation please contact us


Purrfect Paws Applause

Christy and Bill H.

Miranda helped us turn our problem puppy into Purrfect Paws!  We adopted Odin from the SPCA when he was approximately 3 months old.  He was an adorable, bright eyed, easy going little guy full of spirit.  However, he also had a fierce aggression when it came to "guarding" his food and toys as well as some locations.  Some nights he wouldn’t even let us in our own bed!  Odin was making great progress in obedience classes at PPABC but we were struggling with the troubling behaviors at home.  We asked Miranda to come to our home to observe and advise us how to deal with Odin’s specific challenges.  Miranda taught us how to “speak Odin’s language,” so we could communicate with him what behaviors are acceptable and which ones aren’t.  We worked with him consistently and within one week of Miranda’s visit, we saw significant improvement in Odin’s behavior. We love that Miranda has a humane approach that allowed us to keep and even strengthen our relationship with our dog.  We’re so glad that we called PPABC and are very happy with the results.  We look forward to continuing Odin’s education with group classes and Odin is looking forward to seeing his friends in playgroup!


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